Green Pumpkin Seeds Known as "Pepitas"

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Often relished as tasty crispy snacks, Pumpkin seeds kernels or “Pepitas” are a power dose of nutrition. Not only they taste good, but also these seeds are loaded with Omega 3 acid and other essential nutrients like Protein, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Manganese. These Pumpkin seeds are delicious to be eaten as a snack and do not essentially require any cooking or preparation. You can keep them as your “on the go” food or use them for healthy munching. Enjoy Delicious yet healthy snack! Anytime. Anywhere.

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The daily Intake of pumpkin seeds boosts helps your body to attain the ideal fiber intake of 50g per 1000 calories consumed for the body. You can either consume raw pumpkin seeds or you can have roasted pumpkin seeds too. Instead of whole pumpkin seeds you can make pesto, salad dressing or add them to your favorite salads, oatmeal, cereal, breads, muffins and other dishes.

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Dark green pumpkin seeds or “Kaddu Beej” also known as GWS, Naked pumpkin seeds or Styrian pumpkin seeds is a special variety, really famous in Europe and America. This variety has a higher oil content than the light green one, making it more nutritious than the other regular seeds.

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